Lucas y Hernández – Gil Recreates Trendy Decor of El Pinton Restaurant

Interior design that charms us with the stylish fusion between contemporary freshness and the antique spirit of this Andalusian courtyard.  The project of the Spanish studio Lucas y Hernández – Gil architects is located in Seville and recreates the beautiful decor for this trendy restaurant El Pinton. With a strong aesthetic connection between the original […]

Graviti Zone Rugs

The two sisters, Mónica and Ana Ibáñez, foundedGraviti Zone Rugs at the beginning of 2008. Everyone at the company is young and willing to communicate all their thoughts and ideas. They have a passion for textiles and design and coincidently reached a moment in their career when they decided to take control of their lives […]

Innovative Woven Pendant Lamp

The designer Morten Voss uses materials in an innovative combination. Simple design and monochromatic colors make the lamps extremely suitable for the modern eclectic home. Aeon Rocket lamp combine metal and polypropylene in a single pattern. This unique blend of materials creates harmonious proportions in this lamp. Polypropylene is carefully woven, it has unique luminous […]

Jimmy Grants Restaurant Decor – Contemporary Contrast and Feel

Techne Architecture + Interior Design has recently completed the new incarnation of the George Calombaris Jimmy Grants restaurants located at Eastland shopping centre. The name is rhyming slang of the 1960’s, ‘Jimmy Grant’ sounding like ‘immigrant’. The design was inspired by the quintessential Australian back shed, including wooden trusses across the ceilings, and fibreglass embedded sections […]

Sophisticated Ceramic Pellet Stove by Monica Graffeo

Ceramic pellet stove by MCZ Group, finely designed with a jewel effect, in which light is refracted providing luminosity and ever-changing variations. Its round shape, simple and minimalist, is embellished by three stylish inserts in brass or nickel, which amplify the lighting effect and give it a sophisticated look. The metal grille of the top incorporates the finish of the front […]