Quartz Armchair

Greek design studio CTRLZAK have collaborated with Davide Barzaghi to create the Quartz Armchair. QUARTZ is a system that couples two-dimensional pentagonal and hexagonal wooden structures, which develop in three dimensions following natural crystalloid formations. The geometric volumes are covered with ecological fabrics in mixed colour variations producing an end result that resembles more a […]

The Secret of Magneto

The heart of its design is a magnetic sphere. This is the secret of Magneto, a table and reading lamp designed by Giulio Iacchetti, with an invisible power: the mysterious force of a magnet that joins the two elements of which it is made – the support rod with a circular base and the LED […]

Bakery Depot

Kyoob-ID, Singapore’s boutique architectural interior design consultancy creates new, lifestyle interior concept for Cedele by The Bakery Depot Set at 1,500 sq feet, Cedele by The Bakery Depot launches its new outlet at Serangoon Gardens with a chic, lifestyle interior that will set the tone for all new outlets to come. Set in a cosy […]

Mr. light series

Mr.1, Mr.2 and Mr.3 are the first three of a series of lights designed around the new LED T8 tube light bulbs. Aside from being radically more energy efficient and durable than standard fluorescent bulbs, these newly developed light tubes allow for more flexibility with the design by reducing the number of components needed to […]