Holy Fox Restaurant in Moscow

Inspired by Asian cuisine and culture the Holy Fox restaurant is located in central Moscow and carry an eclectic spirit that combines urban decor, contemporary art and stylish exotic. Wall graffiti, fresh Asian accents in decorative artworks, fox printed motifs – all create dynamic artful atmosphere that is elegantly combined with the Scandinavian minimalism that lies […]

A hilltop residence

This hilltop residence by SPG architects, located at the edge of a wooded knoll in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, has expansive southern and western views. Approaching through the woods, one arrives at a one-story façade of corten steel framed by wood. A hint of the views is provided through the glass door, […]

Monumental Candlestick

From Anki Gneib, a monumental candlestick that encourages us to celebrate in our everyday lives. More than ever we need to surround ourselves with objects that inspire us, that create a mood and make us reflect. Holy embraces the Scandinavian traditions of worship and the importance of illumination during our long winter nights with the magical warmth […]

Bottleware by Nendo

Nendo’s collaboration with Coca-Cola sees the upcycling of the soft drink manufacturer’s classic contour bottle, in the form of glass blown tableware. The drinking vessel was designed by Earl R. Dean in the early 1900s and has become synonymous with the coca-cola brand ever since, being collected, washed and recycled to be used over and […]

More Than a Place to Eat

More than a place to eat, Karim Rashid transforms a typical cafeteria into an environment of sensory experiences with eye catching colors and ‘technorganic’ forms, which encourage personal interactions at ‘foodcapitol’, the lotte department store’s Amoje food court in Seoul, South Korea. The design uses columns as nucleii from which long undulating tables branch out, […]

Marble Cladding as an Innovative Decorative Element by Lithos Design

Marble, tradition, technological innovation: the Opus collection illustrated by a company at the very cutting edge, Lithos Design, and by a designer, Raffaello Galiotto, who has put his love of natural stone at the heart of his research Lithos Design sees marble cladding as an innovative decorative element and tool for architects and professionals in […]