Moore Park Residence – Dynamic Example of Modern Architecture

The concept of this Toronto residential neighborhood house is complex and intriguing – according to its architects from Drew Mandel Architects the house must combine the typical house-like forms of the existing streetscape, with its iconic 1920s-era single-family homes and at the same time to introduce bold contemporary vision. With thoughtful approach towards materials, surfaces […]

Innovative Materials and Refined Silhouette at Mayfair Lamp by VIBIA

Past and future come together in the present, bringing modern advances to the essential and authentic values of the past. The Mayfair collection by VIBIA is designed to improve the illumination of private spaces, by integrating traditional elements, reinterpreted through technological progress. The original inspiration for the fittings is provided by the traditional library and billiards […]

Cesello Collection by Raffaello Galiotto for Lithos Design Domino

The new brand Lithos Design Domino has revolutionised traditional production methods, widening the target of the company and offering refined marble coverings to the medium-high end market with fast processing times that allow large quantities to be produced and delivered quickly. Through the Lithos Design company know-how that has led to a new and exclusive technical/conceptual […]