Ray Bathroom Ceramic Washbasin

By combining a simple archetypical ceramic basin with a light furniture-like support structure, Ray- a bathroom sink set-up has been created for the ex.t shop by German designer Michael Hilgers. The varnished steel wires which brace the wooden legs can also be used as towel rails, matching the complementary mirror, which uses a similar color […]

Table “T” by Dsignedby

The idea for Table “T” goes back around a year and a half, but became “alive” just at the time to “poke” you during this years’ Satellite in Milano. Table of 160x92x72cm dimensions is a mixture of three materials: CORIAN Illumination Series, DUPONT as the main material, metallic black mat painted holding structure and massive […]

Faery of Gold and Silver – Portuguese Bar Instalacao

Faery of gold and silver, urban light installations and vivid brass elements – define the image of this Portuguese bar called very ingeniously “installation” – Instalação. The floating tunnel – like architecture, predetermined by the long narrow space and its arches, hosts modernistic and urban ambiance inspired by Olafur Eliasson installation and provokes the sensation […]