Bell Lights

Sebastian Herkner’s “Bell Lights” reveal their adaptability and flexibility at the very first glance. Each lampshade in this family of pendant lamps can be combined with a choice of sleek cylindrical bulb sockets in grey, brass or copper. The various materials, textures and colours of lamp and shade can thus be mixed and matched to […]

NAU Restaurant

Inspired by its coastal location and the warm Brazilian ocean this new Nau Restaurant branch is a contemporary and artistic architectural project, carried on by the renowned Sandra Moura architect studio. The project is massive and complex – the Nau space occupies tree floors and more than 7 thousand square meters of built area. But […]

Feather Lighting

pluma cubic is a symbiosis of natural feathers and clear, geometric forms combined to create illuminated objects. pluma cubic pieces are completely hand-crafted. 2,000 to 4,000 individually selected goose or rooster feathers, chosen for their homogeneity, are used to create each light.  The feathers used for pluma cubic lamps come from birds that have been […]

Cartoon Carpets

Dan Golden is a New York based artist who has shown his playful yet sophisticated work in galleries for nearly a decade. In 2006, born from a desire to reach beyond the art world, Golden partnered with interior designer Ford Lininger. Together, the two developed a line of luxurious, contemporary rugs based on Golden’s art […]