Sophisticated Textures Designed to Transform the Wall

Le Pietre Incise, the first iconic collection by Lithos Design, is distinguished by the superior level of technology implemented in the industrial processing, and it comprises sophisticated textures designed to transform the wall into a genuine expression of contemporary design. Today, the collection is supplemented with three new textures, with evocative names – Diamante, Palma […]

Trayscape by Urbanus

Urbanus created a table sculpture, where melamine imitates dark stone. When it’s empty, the ‘Trayscape’ looks like a lake landscape, surrounded by gentle hills of a traditional Chinese garden environment. Trayscape is part of the Alessi project (un)forbidden city -eight trays and containers conceived by eight different contemporary Chinese architects.

Flexible knockdown lamp

KiBiSi is a Copenhagen based idea-driven industrial design firm. Ideas and products are intrinsically tied. They believe the product should be the carrier of its brand idea rather than some designer’s form and formula. In the fertile overlap between Design, Architecture and Ideation KiBiSi seeks to spawn a new breed of idea driven design. via […]

Organic-Geometric Concrete Tile by KAZA Concrete

KAZA launch new concrete tile collection – Concurrent Constellations at London Design Festival. They impress with geometry and ornamentation pattern, easily change the wall, giving it a three-dimensional vision. This year at 100% Design KAZA Concrete continue their tradition of introducing latest designs and innovations by launching their new collection of contemporary concrete tiles Concurrent […]

Innovative Woven Pendant Lamp

The designer Morten Voss uses materials in an innovative combination. Simple design and monochromatic colors make the lamps extremely suitable for the modern eclectic home. Aeon Rocket lamp combine metal and polypropylene in a single pattern. This unique blend of materials creates harmonious proportions in this lamp. Polypropylene is carefully woven, it has unique luminous […]