Organic Shaped Light

Barbaloon adopts organic shapes which can be created by the air between rubbers. Each product can vary in size, shape, bumps, and pattern. Mulberry paper is glued on inflated balloon and it is deflated when the paper is dried. Inside becomes hollow without air, and outside becomes rigid. It can create calm and peaceful atmosphere […]

Modular Sculpture Or Radiator

Industrial designer Satyendra Pakhalé’s modular radiator ‘Add-on’ has been developed for Italian radiator manufacturer Tubes.  Although the work has a utilitarian aspect in the function of a house, this heating unit is also a modular sculpture. The lightweight structure boasts an in-wall support system which makes possible the radiator to function as a partition element […]

Alphabeta Lamp by Luca Nichetto

Alphabeta, designed by Luca Nichetto exclusively for Hem, is the world’s first online-customisable lamp with more than 10 billion combinations. Playful, functional, and truly innovative. Alphabeta lamp is available in eight different shapes of interchangeable top and bottom components, all in their colors; in addition to black and white. This creates a total of 24 […]