Punk Chair by Green

 Italian designers Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci have designed this special chair. Its name is Punk chair branded by Green. Like you can see below, Punk chair presents a fancy look and it is very comfortable at the same time. The structure suggests musical elements, like the headstock of an electric guitar, so the name […]

Bitta Garden Lamp

Bitta is an external lamp that draws inspiration from nautical bollards, short and chunky posts with a bulge on the higher end shaped after a mushroom. Nautical bollards can be found on ports’ docks or on ships’ decks and are used to tie mooring ropes. Functionality, aesthetic quality and the latest POWER LED technology characterise […]

low relief marble tiles

Textured patterns add an extra dimension to the natural marble tiles from Q-bo. Gently accentuating the preciousness of the high-quality material, subtle motifs complement the grain of the natural marble. Q-bo uses low relief sanding techniques the Italian company has refined over 13 years. Whether you prefer abstract swirls, bubble-like circles or a nature-inspired leafy […]

Colorful Mexican Tacos Restaurant by Techne Architecture

Colorful Mexican culture characterizes the new Paco’s Tacos restaurant created by hospitality design leaders Techne Architecture + Interior Design. The MoVida – owned taqueria is part of Eastland Shopping Centre’s new ‘Town Square’ – Ringwood’s open-air dual community and dining precinct. The design brief provided to Technē call for the inclusion of the original yellow, bright and fun aesthetic established […]