NAU Restaurant

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Inspired by its coastal location and the warm Brazilian ocean this new Nau Restaurant branch is a contemporary and artistic architectural project, carried on by the renowned Sandra Moura architect studio.

The project is massive and complex – the Nau space occupies tree floors and more than 7 thousand square meters of built area. But the architects, using unique structures, high-quality materials and unforgettable design twists, succeeded in turning the space into wonderful, even exemplary restaurant – party premise. Here the innovative artistry meets the visitor directly from the facade of the building – a concrete structure clad in weathering steel that is cut in shapes inspired by a palm leaf figures. The entwining of those natural elements – the rich see life and the typical tropical flora of Brazil make the design of the place not only conditionally linked but also very welcoming and traditionally warmth. Wooden walkways girdle the facade and the lake premise that separates the restaurant from the surrounding concrete sea of the city, creating in this way a small oasis and exotic culinary refuge.

At the interior decor, the sea theme can be found everywhere – in the lighting project developed by Peter Gasper, which includes very impressive and artistic jellyfish lamps and hidden blue-green-white wave like illumination. The  turned upside – down hanging boats, or even the furnishing – massive boat shaped tables, comfortably grounded chairs and oars for decoration – everything whispers – sea life, including the rich selection of seafood from the menu. Coastal references to the culture, gastronomy and lifestyle of the Brazilian capital are embodied by this contemporary architectural project.   Photographs: Joana França

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