Trendy and Unique Bachelor’s Nest

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Heavy dark drapery and artistic outlook, shining gold luxury and contrasting black surfaces with light wooden flooring and walls. This dynamic and original apartment, situated in Piestany, Slovakia, has much to offer as an intriguing interior and timeless approach towards design. The designers, from AT26_architecture & design team, successfully use the contrast of black and white surfaces, ceramic tiles and oak veneer, painted brick walls and shining gold ornaments to create trendy and unique bachelors nest.

The accents of the sensitive surfaces and textures (carpets, upholstery, natural wood, leather and mosaics), the presence of the large and inviting pieces of furniture and movie decor-like decorative elements, creates a premise where comfort meets dynamic, contemporary meets retro and fashionable meets art. With the usage of well renown designer’s furniture (B&B Italia, Porro or Moooi are represented as well) contemporary art pieces and some detail constructs (like the tile mosaic in black and white or the bespoke large sofa and kitchen island with chairs) that give the two rectangular spaces their character, the designers invite us into a space that emanates style and unique trend.

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